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BASIL SMASH - The Kombucha Edition

BASIL SMASH - The Kombucha Edition

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This edition was developed in collaboration with Ugo & Francesco for Monella.

We wanted to create a kombucha flavor that would complement perfectly the Italian street food cuisine but also reminds us of an elevated cocktail you could have on a warm Mediterranean summer night.

We infused our original kombucha made with Sencha Green Tea with fresh basil leaf and added freshly squeezed citrus to obtain the most surprising and refreshing Basil Smash !

Ingredients: Rish Kombucha ☆ Filtered Water, Live Kombucha Culture, Sencha Higher Grade Green Tea*, Fresh Basil Leafs, Cold pressed Lemon. *: Organic Agriculture

Good to know before ordering...

Pick up free of charge at the Rish Lab. in Brussels.

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